LVD 12, 12 Volt Low Voltage Disconnect

The LVD 12 (Low Voltage Disconnect) is the perfect way to protect your battery investment from a destructive over-discharge condition. The LVD 12 will constantly monitor your battery and disconnect the attached DC load(s) if voltage drops below an unsafe level. The LVD 12 will directly switch up to a 40 Amp load and can easily be configured to switch much higher loads with the addition of relays or solenoids (sold separately). The LVD 12 also has a handy low voltage signal output that can be used to switch on a light or buzzer to notify you of the low voltage condition or could switch on a battery charger so that the batteries do not sit discharged for extended periods if unattended (light, buzzer, and battery charger not included). The LVD 12 is epoxy encapsulated and ready for marine or tropical environments.

Disconnect Voltage is 10.5 Volts
Reconnect Voltage is 11 Volts

Voltage must remain below 10.5 volts for at least 15 seconds before disconnect will occur.
Voltage must remain above 11 volts for at least 30 seconds before reconnect will occur.

Installation Instructions (PDF Format)

Owner's Guide (PDF Format)

Datasheet (PDF Format)

LVD 12
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